An Important (And Unexpected) Life Lesson…From My GP


I was at a work meeting discussing Twitter (of all things) when it happened. The text on my notebook started to blur. I blinked again and again but the letters seemed to be flashing in and out.

Oh no. Not this again.

I silently prayed I wouldn’t get asked anything. No such luck. “Christina, you’re active on Twitter. What can we do to increase our followers?” My colleagues were looking at me with interest. Oh I knew the answer to this one! Too easy. I started to say: “Well, to get more followers, we…uh, have to, uh…you see we need to pay attention to….uh…other users and…”

To my dismay, my ability to formulate sentences had seemingly evaporated into thin air.

Oh man, was it awful. It was like the most extreme case of Monday-itis you’ve ever seen. I stopped, excused myself from the meeting, and hauled myself and my non-functioning brain outta there.

Needless to say, I was immediately sent home with strict orders to see a doctor.
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