Paleo May – The Final Countdown

So it’s the final week of the Crossfit-U Paleo Challenge – I’ve survived 27 days of eating only animal protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. With only 5 days to go, I thought I’d do a quick assessment of my experience so far.

Firstly – what’s been the easiest part of the challenge for me? Cutting out processed food and sugars was relatively easy, as I was already eating quite clean pre-Paleo. Preparing food myself was also not too much of a challenge, however I found I had to be more organised with having meat prepared. Pre-Paleo, I could just grab some brown rice or chickpeas from the pantry for a quick meal. Now if I run out of meat, I grab eggs instead (who says you can’t have a brekkie fry-up for dinner??)

The hardest part? Definitely giving up the grains and replacing with meat. I’ve been consuming about 150g of meat (mostly organic chicken, lamb, roo, fish and eggs) with lunch and dinner, and to be honest I’m getting over it. As I’m cooking for one, I’ve been cooking a whole chicken or mini lamb roast, and picking at the meat throughout the week, which does get boring. Preparing every meal yourself is time consuming enough without then creating a different meal every day! Continue reading